Turning 25

Well, it’s official. I’m in my mid-20s. Some may say that when I turned 24, I had already entered my mid-20s, but I still identified as someone in their early-2os. Now that I’m 25, it’s hard to refute that statement anymore. There are some benefits with being 25. I can now rent a car without paying a huge insurance fee…and that pretty much sums it up. In this post, I talk about how it feels to be one year older and how life is like in your mid-20s.  Continue Reading

Beyond the Gym

Over the years, I have developed a stigma towards sneakers – specifically, athletic shoes (running shoes, hiking shoes, etc.).  They were solely meant to be worn during physical activities.  My negative attitude towards athletic shoes stems from growing up in San Francisco.

Fact: There are too many people in SF who wear running shoes with boot-cut jeans and a North face fleece jacket.

Recently, however, sneakers are having a fashion moment.  The transformation started by getting rid of all add-ons that supposedly “absorbed the shock from running” so your knees don’t get messed up -remember Nike Shocks?  Running is hard enough, but wearing shoes that weigh 5 pounds, that’s pushing it.  The shock absorbers might help my knees but the sheer weight of the shoes kind of negate that fact.   Now that sneakers have become more lightweight and colorful, they can be used to give any outfit a more casual look.

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 1.48.44 PM

Sweater: Dex / Jeans: Rag & Bone / Jacket: Zara / Shoes: Nike / Sunglasses: J. Crew / Purse: Zara / Watch: Marc by Marc Jacobs / Lipstick: Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Turn On / Blush: Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed

 A foolproof way to wear sneakers is to pair them with casual fabrics – no silk blouses or dress pants.  I love pairing them with boyfriend jeans because they are a tad bit baggy and distressed.  Rolling them up a little makes the outfit look effortless and a little bit edgy.  A loose patterned sweater will add some texture and if it’s cold, a tweed/leather contrast jacket that hits mid-thigh will give the outfit a more polished look.  This outfit is perfect if you are just going out to run errands or going to school.  Since the whole idea behind wearing sneakers is to look casual, I would keep the makeup light and natural with a matte muted pink blush and a rosy lip.

Screen shot 2013-12-03 at 1.48.20 PM

Dress: Topshop / Jacket: Karl Lagerfeld / Shoes: Nike / Purse: Rebecca Minkoff / Sunglasses: Quay Nakita / Blush: Benefit Coralista / Lipstick: Tarte LipSurgence Matte Lip Tint in Lucky

Bright sneakers are all the rage right now, so use that to your advantage and make it the focus of your outfit. Since these Nike Frees are very slim-fitting and hit below the ankle, they actually elongate your legs so if you want to show off your gams, pair it with a short dress.  Layering a tweed moto jacket not only gives dimension to the outfit, but it also dresses up the entire outfit.  Again, I would keep the makeup simple with a tinted lip balm and a coral blush to match the vibrancy of the shoes.

What’s your favorite ways to wear sneakers?

Stay Chic!



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