Work Appropriate: Winter 2017


“What to wear to work today?” is a question I ask myself every morning. I work in the Biotech industry and if any of you work in Biotech, you know that in terms of fashion, it’s not the most glamorous. I’m a firm believer in wearing what makes you happy, but when you work in an office setting, you need to find a balance between what makes you happy and what is work appropriate. I once wore a pair of faux leather culottes, and let’s just say, I received number of confused looks. Since then, I’ve found a way to wear outfits that I love while simultaneously avoiding weird stares. So, if you want to see how I dress for work, keep reading.  Continue Reading

A Simple Valentine’s Day Outfit


Whether you’re single, dating, or in a relationship, Valentine’s Day is around the corner. Since Valentine’s Day is on a Tuesday this year, Dylan and I are going to Phoenix and meeting up with some of our old college friends. We’ve done the whole going out to a nice restaurant thing and I think after running the LA Marathon and going on a double date with my parents on Valentine’s Day last year, we want this year to be a bit more casual and fun.  Continue Reading

All Laced Up


Madewell had a huge sale at the beginning of this month and I kind of got sucked into it. I got an email from them almost every day saying there was an additional 30% off their sale and I did a pretty good job of controlling myself, but when I got the the additional 40% off email, I got a little too trigger happy. Keep reading to see how I styled some of the items I bought! Continue Reading

Grandpa Sweaters and Rain Boots


It’s been raining constantly for the past couple of days, which is great for California, but not great when you have to commute to work. I love the rain if I can stay indoors and just watch Netflix on the couch. I don’t like the rain when I have to run errands and drive 45 minutes to work. To make rainy days more bearable, I like to stay really comfy. My go-to rainy day outfit is an oversized grandpa sweater with leggings. Continue Reading