All Laced Up


Madewell had a huge sale at the beginning of this month and I kind of got sucked into it. I got an email from them almost every day saying there was an additional 30% off their sale and I did a pretty good job of controlling myself, but when I got the the additional 40% off email, I got a little too trigger happy. Keep reading to see how I styled some of the items I bought! Continue Reading

Rainy Day Essentials: Bean Boots


I have had my eyes on these Bean Boots for a few years now. Although they are a bit impractical for California, it has been a particularly rainy season and I wanted something a bit more compact than my Hunter boots. I’ve wanted Bean Boots since I lived in Massachusetts, but being a college student with no income, I couldn’t justify purchasing them. Also, they were so popular that they would constantly be on backorder. Fast forward to three years out of college (scary, I know) and I finally pulled the trigger on these heavy-duty boots that are perfect for winter.  Continue Reading

Bad Hair Days


It happens to all of us. Whether it’s a kink in your hair or general bed head, we all have bad hair days. You wake up in the morning and it looks like The Night at the Museum happened in your hair. If you don’t have time in the morning to tame the wild beast, the next best option is to mask its existence with a hat.  Continue Reading

Overlooked Outerwear ft. The Vest


The vest is a tricky piece to work with. Let’s state the obvious, they leave your arms completely exposed and it doesn’t matter if you have a North Face or Patagonia one, some part of your body will be cold. Of all the outerwear in my closet, the vests are the ones that get the least use. They’re not versatile and the weather has to be just right for me to reach for one of my vests. Although I don’t wear vests quite as often as I would like, they do add a little something something to, what would otherwise be considered, a “blah” outfit.  Continue Reading

Leather and Jeans


This past weekend, my friend Claire came to visit me from NYC. We haven’t seen each other in a hot minute, but we went back to our old habits real quick. The weekend was filled with food, laughs, and of course, a little photo shot. If you want to know what shenanigans we were up to,  keep reading!