LA Restaurant Week


Restaurant Week is one of my favorite events of the year. Almost every major city will do a version of Restaurant Week. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Restaurant Week, it’s basically a bunch of restaurants, I’m talking 100+ restaurants, that will create prix fixe menus at a special price. A two-course lunch option normally ranges from $15-$25, and a 3-course dinner will range from $30-$60. Some restaurant weeks even donate a certain percentage of the proceeds to a charity. For me, restaurant week is a great way to discover new restaurants and be able to try a variety of dishes at a great price. While I was in LA this past weekend, restaurant week had just started, so Dylan and I decided to go on a food adventure and filled our weekend eating delicious meals.  Continue Reading

Health Kick

During the school year, I’m pretty good about working out because I play tennis and I go to the gym at least every other day or I’ll run the trail by my college.  It seems that when I have an accessible gym as well as friends that will work out with me, I feel a lot more motivated to get some exercise.

Ever since the summer started, I have been quite lazy about working out and I’ve decided that I’m going to go on a health kick.  Don’t worry, I’m not planning on doing any crazy diets, but I am going to try to get some sort of exercise in everyday as well as be more conscious of what I’m eating.  Lucky for me, I love fruits and vegetables, and summer fruits happen to be the most delicious.

To get me motivated, I decided to pick up some new running shoes:

These shoes scream “take me out for a run!” and it will motivate me to get outside and exercise.

Now I’m not big on running “outfits.” My outfit normally consists of a t-shirt that I got for free from either high school or collage and some running shorts. Going on trend with mint green and bright colors, however, Nike has come out with some stylish running shorts and tank tops that will make you feel good as you’re working out.

All of these can be found at Nike

Hope you enjoy your workouts!

Study Break!

I am in the midst of finals and although I spend day and night in the library, sometimes I need a study break.  I don’t know about you, but when I’m studying, I like to munch on some snacks.  I’m not a big coffee drinker, so I depend on snacks to keep me focused and awake in the wee hours.  I’m not talking about potato chips or junk food, but rather snacks that are healthy and will provide just the right amount of energy.

Thankfully, my mom sent me a care package with all sorts of healthy goodies.

I’ve been really enjoying:

1. Dried Apricots –  They are soft and sweet and a couple of these will boost your energy and fill you up.

2. Bare Fruit’s Bake-Dried Apple Crisps -Unlike other apple crisps, these are not SUPER sweet, but are still crunchy and full of flavor.

3. Almonds – I love almonds because they are crunchy and help me stay awake.  I don’t like them with salt, but a handful of these nuts will keep you awake for a couple more hours.

For all of you who are also studying for final exams.  Good luck, and hopefully some of these healthy snacks will help you stay awake and ace your test!