Grandpa Sweaters and Rain Boots


It’s been raining constantly for the past couple of days, which is great for California, but not great when you have to commute to work. I love the rain if I can stay indoors and just watch Netflix on the couch. I don’t like the rain when I have to run errands and drive 45 minutes to work. To make rainy days more bearable, I like to stay really comfy. My go-to rainy day outfit is an oversized grandpa sweater with leggings.









I have been loving a good grandpa sweater this winter season. With all the rain, I have been living in leggings and straying away from jeans. The last thing you want are your jeans getting drenched by the rain because jeans do not dry very quickly and you will be cold and unhappy throughout the day.

I don’t like to carry an umbrella with me because that’s just another thing I can lose somewhere, so I have been depending on rain jackets or a beanie to keep me dry.

What have you been living in this winter season? Let me know!

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details:

Sweater: J.Crew (Men’s Department) (Similar here)

Leggings: TNA

Hat: Penfield

Jacket: Mountain Hardwear

Boots: Hunter

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