Is It Worth The Hype: Sunday Riley


Luxury skincare? Are you interested or is the price tag so steep, you don’t even consider trying it out?  As much as I love skincare, when products start reaching the $80-$100 mark, I start questioning whether those products are actually worth the price tag. Sunday Riley products are definitely not cheap so I’m here to tell you if they are worth your money or if you should save your hundy for something else!


Now that the holiday season is over, I’ve noticed that my skin took a big hit from travelling and eating lots of delicious, but unhealthy food. I’ve been using Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil and Good Genes to help my skin recover, but do I really need both?

First up, Sunday Riley’s Luna Sleeping Night Oil.



I started using this night oil about a year ago because I was traveling a lot and I needed something that would keep my skin really moisturized. I always like to prep my skin before I get on a plane so I always use Sunday Riley’s Luna the night before just to give my skin some extra moisture. If I have a morning flight, I will apply this oil along with a thick face cream before I leave for the airport because my skin gets really dry on airplanes so I want to do everything I can to prevent my skin from becoming too dry.

I really enjoy Sunday Riley’s Luna for the times my skin needs a little oomph. I don’t use it every night because my skin doesn’t need an intense night oil everyday. Since the oil has retinoids in it, it does help stimulate the production of new skin cells which help fade dark spots, acne scars, and hyperpigmentation. If you are having an active breakout, it can also help calm down the inflammation and make the healing process faster. Retinoids may make your skin more sensitive to the sun, so wearing sunscreen will help prevent any irritation.

I put this oil on after my toner, but before my nighttime moisturizer. It’s supposed to help your skin absorb any skincare product you put on after it better, so I like to apply it before my night cream.

When I first started using this night oil, I was using it every other night. After using this product for several months, I did notice that my active breakouts didn’t last as long, but I didn’t see too much of a difference with my hyperpigmentation. I started using this oil as a treatment for when I have an active breakout and I need something to calm my skin or before I travel.

Now that you know that I like Luna, it’s time to see how Sunday Riley’s Good Genes compares and if it’s necessary to have both or if one better than the other.



Good Genes is meant to be used as a treatment. It has lactic acid in it, it’s supposed to help clarify and smooth out wrinkles and fine lines. When I first started using Good Genes, I didn’t really get the hype because I was using it similar to how I use the Luna. I was using it once a day, every other day. I would use Good Genes in the AM and Luna in the PM. I knew I wasn’t going to see much of a difference when it came to wrinkles and fine lines because I’m 24 and I would hope I don’t have wrinkles and fine lines yet. To be honest, I was a little disappointed, but after reading a few reviews, I tried using it everyday.  Once I started using Good Genes twice a day, everyday, I noticed a huge difference in my skin.

It helped smooth and even out my skin. It was amazing for healing up my acne scars and calming my breakouts. I absolutely fell in love with this product and I noticed a huge difference when I did and didn’t use it. I started bringing it on trips because it helps keep breakouts at bay and even when I do have breakouts, they don’t last more than a day or two with this serum. Like the Luna, I apply this after toner, but before my moisturizer.

Although I really like using Sunday Riley’s Luna, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes does everything the Luna does except give a boost in moisturization. For me, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is totally  worth the splurge. After I finished my first bottle, there was no hesitation when I went to re-purchase. I recommended it to a few co-workers of mine and specifically told them to use it twice a day (morning and night), everyday and they have been loving it as well.

For me, I prefer a daily serum over something I only use once a week or once a month, so for that reason, Sunday Riley’s Good Genes is WORTH THE HYPE.

Also, something to note, both products don’t smell super great. The Luna has a really strong herbal smell that goes away after a few minutes, and since the Good Genes contain lactic acid, it does have a slight chemical smell.

Have any of you guys tried products by Sunday Riley? If so, leave me a comment below on your thoughts and which products you tried out!

Stay Chic!

4 thoughts on “Is It Worth The Hype: Sunday Riley

  1. Loved this. Sunday Riley is expensive hence why I haven’t even looked towards their brand. Drunk Elephant seems to also be high up in there.. most skincare is. I’m 21, and a mom so splurging is hard.

  2. The luna oil was one of the only things that really made a difference to my skin while I had acne. Love the review- completely agree 🙂 I didn’t enjoy artemis as much- and I’m dying to try the cleansing balm 🙂

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