Overlooked Outerwear ft. The Vest


The vest is a tricky piece to work with. Let’s state the obvious, they leave your arms completely exposed and it doesn’t matter if you have a North Face or Patagonia one, some part of your body will be cold. Of all the outerwear in my closet, the vests are the ones that get the least use. They’re not versatile and the weather has to be just right for me to reach for one of my vests. Although I don’t wear vests quite as often as I would like, they do add a little something something to, what would otherwise be considered, a “blah” outfit. 







Just like an type of outwear, there are so many vests to choose from. If you’re feeling a little sporty, there’s the puffy ones. If you’re feeling cozy, go for a sherpa-lined one. For fall, I like to go for a vest in one of my favorite colors, olive green.

I particularly love this green vest because the color is neutral, but with an all black outfit, it adds just the right amount of color. I also like that it’s loose and drapes around the body. There’s a tie in the middle that really helps accentuate the waist. For this outfit, I decide to tie it in the back and just let the vest stay open and loose.

I don’t wear vests a lot, but I can’t lie, they have the ability to spice up a simple outfit.

Stay Chic!

Vest: Zara (Similar here)

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Genetic Denim (Similar here)

Shoes: Sam Edelman

Watch: Cluse

Necklace: Oak+Fort


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