Picnic Approved


I went to my company’s picnic this past weekend and let me tell you, I love picnics – especially ones with free food and booze.







Picking out a picnic outfit is always a little tricky. Although flowy summer dresses may seem to be the most appropriate choice, they are a risky one on so many levels. First, spillage is inevitable -juggling a plate of food and a drink equals a huge probability of spilling something on yourself. Second, sometimes you have to sit on the grass, and flashing someone is not an option –especially at a company picnic.

Since it was pretty warm this past weekend, I definitely didn’t want to wear pants or jeans, so I opted for some suspender jorts. Now remember, this was a company party, so no booty shorts (not that I own any) allowed.

I bought these suspender shorts at a Barney’s Warehouse sale when it was still in a physical warehouse in San Francisco. They aren’t too short or tight and they are just loose enough that I can still eat a lot and hide my food baby. I kept everything else pretty simple – a white loose t-shirt and a black choker. I somehow miraculously left the picnic with no stains on my shirt! Success!

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details

Shorts – Current/Elliott (Similar here)

Shirt – Gap

Shoes – Wild Diva (Similar here)

Choker – Oak + Fort

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