Is It Worth The Hype: Becca Cosmetics

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“Stunning.” “Creamy.” “Incredible.” “Amazing.” These were just some of the words tossed around when I watched and read reviews on the Becca highlighters when they first hit the market. So, are these highlighters truly worth the hype?

Although they got rave reviews, it took me a while to warm up to the brand. The price tag for each product in the Becca line definitely played a factor in my hesitation to take the plunge on trying their products. Also, I couldn’t decided what shade and media I wanted – did I want Moonstone or Opal? Should I get the liquid or pressed version? Since the price was quite steep, I couldn’t justify buying all the shades I wanted to try.

I am a firm believer in buying value kits because they are a great way to try out new brands and you get a taste of a variety of products within a line. When Becca released their “Beach Tint” line in 2015, they also released a kit called “Best of Becca” for $34.50. This kit included a full size blush, a full size cheek/lip tint, a deluxe sample of a liquid highlighter, and a deluxe sample of a pressed highlighter. To me, this was an amazing value because the cost of the blush alone was $27.

Having had my taste of some of Becca’s cult products, the real obsession started. If you hadn’t known better, you would have thought I was collecting Pokémon cards – I had to have them all.


I’m going to be real with you, I have never bought a Becca product at full-price. I will either buy value kits or use various discounts throughout the year (Sephora VIB, Becca sales, etc.) For the past year, I have been slowly growing my Becca collection and by now you can probably guess, but I think Becca Cosmetics is totally WORTH THE HYPE!

Keep reading to see why I think Becca Cosmetics is worth the splurge!

Let’s start with the cult favorites: The Highlighters


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Shimmering Skin Perfector in Moonstone – This is one of Becca’s best-selling highlighters and for good reason too. It’s so flattering  and it basically melts into the skin to give you such a natural glow that it doesn’t even look like you’re wearing any highlight. This is a great option if you are after a dewy look but have larger pores because powder highlighters can sometimes accentuate your pores. This is the priciest item I own from Becca, but you get so much product and I only use half a pump each day for my entire face. This will seriously last me forever. I like to apply this with my fingers and blend it out with a Beautyblender. If I were to choose one product in the Becca line to own, I would definitely go for one of their Shimmering Skin Perfectors.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Moonstone/Champagne Pop/Opal – If you prefer powder highlighters or want a very intense highlight, I recommend going for the pressed versions because these have the ability to give you that “wet” look if you want it. All of the pressed highlighters I own from Becca are incredibly smooth, buttery, and pigmented. With the pressed highlighters, you have the ability to control the amount of glow you want – you can use a light hand and a fan brush get a subtle effect or build up the product with a fluffier brush for a more intense look. Since these are super pigmented, it is easy to go a little overboard so just remember to blend it out. For a night out, I like using the powder highlighters on top of my liquid one – it gives me some serious umph in my highlighting game.

Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed in Rose Gold – I put this highlighter in its own category because this is one of the products that didn’t work for me as a highlight. It is a bit too warm for me and it didn’t quite go with my complexion. I do, however, love this as an eye shadow. Since it is so pigmented, it works as an all over the lid color.

As you can tell, the Becca highlighters do live up to the hype, so how does the rest of their make-up line compare? Time to find out!


Photo-6 copy

Beach Tint in Guava – This is a cheek and lip tint and it has a gel-like consistency. It’s dries down really fast, so once you apply it, you have to blend it out immediately or else you’ll end up with patches of color and it won’t look even. When I put this on my lips, my lips feel pretty moisturized. Lip tints tend to dry out my lips, so this was a nice surprise. Since this product does stain your cheeks/lips, if you want them to last all day, I recommend layering this under a powder blush, lipstick, or gloss.

Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Watermelon/Moonstone – This was one of the products I received in the “Best of Becca” kit. At first I was so confused by the texture of this blush because it has a spongey/whipped texture and I didn’t really know how to apply it. Basically, this product is a combination of their Beach Tint and Shimmering Skin Perfector. This blush will give you a flush of color to your cheeks while giving you a subtle glow at the same time. I love this shade for the summer time because it’s a coral-pink shade and perfect for when you want to wear minimal makeup on a hot summer’s day. Since the Beach Tint is incorporated in this blush, you do get a slight staining effect, which makes it surprisingly long lasting. My favorite way to apply this blush is with my fingers. I find that I get the most pigmentation when I use my fingers and it makes it really easy to blend out the color.

Beach Tint Shimmer Soufflé in Fig/Opal – After using Watermelon/Moonstone all summer, I had to purchase another one of these blushes for fall/winter. Fig/Opal is a shimmery brownish-pink shade and is perfect for the cooler seasons. I’m currently loving nude-y/brown-ish blushes that don’t look like much in the packaging, but when applied, give you the subtlest flush, so I’ve been using this blush everyday.

Ever-Matte Poreless Primer Perfector – This was personally not my favorite product because I don’t want a matte complexion and I rarely wear primers. I prefer using a make-up finishing spray to really lock in my make-up. I will only use primers if I know I’m going out and I need my makeup to stay on my face. This primer did a pretty good job at keeping me matte all day and I wasn’t oily by the end of the day. My make-up lasted all day with this primer, but again, I prefer a dewier finish rather than a matte finish to my face. Out of all the Becca products I own, this is probably the one I would skip out on.

As you can see, I haven’t been disappointed by any product from Becca. I truly enjoy using their products and will continue to grow my collection.

Have you tried out Becca? If so, let me know which product is your favorite!

Stay Chic!

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