Mixing Textures

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Hello everyone,

Do you remember me? I’ve been pretty very absent on this blog for about two months, but I am refreshed and ready to jump back into it. Don’t worry, I’m not going to spend two paragraphs apologizing and giving you reasons as to why I haven’t been posting. I just haven’t. That’s all I got for you

Now on to the good stuff.

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If you know me or have been following my somewhat sporadic posts, you know that I love my basics in neutral colors. This might seem very boring, but I love to play with textures and different materials. To me, this brings a new dimension to an outfit and can make a very basic outfit interesting.

Do you guys like playing with textures or do you prefer pops of color? Let me know!

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details

Shirt: Aritzia (Similar here)

Jacket: Banana Republic

Jeans: American Eagle

Shoes: Vans

Bracelets: Lokai, Rise Collective, Anarchy Street

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