Casual Dressings


For past couple of weekends, I have been busy taking short weekend trips to kick-off the beginning of summer. Instead of taking one long vacation, I’ve decided to do a lot of these short weekend trips visiting friends and exploring new places. With that said, I have been doing a pretty good job of packing light. I’ve learned the technique of packing with outfits in mind. Packing pieces that are versatile and can pretty much go with anything else I pack also helps a lot.






Since it’s summer, there’s really no need to pack anything heavy. I’ve learned to pack lightweight tops and jackets and to limit myself to two pairs of jeans. Sheer tops and breathable jackets have been my go to so far this summer. Since it still gets pretty chilly at night, I always like to have a pair of black jeans handy.

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details

Shirt: Boutique in Shanghai (Similar here)

Jacket: ASOS (Similar here)

Vest: DL1961 (Similar here)

Jeans: James Jeans

Shoes: Dolce Vita (Similar here)

Bracelets: The Rise Collective, Anarchy Street, Lokai

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