Beauty Review: RMS Beauty


Buying beauty products online can be risky business. Unlike Sephora and Ulta’s flexible return systems, when you buy directly from a brand’s website, you will run into strict return policies.

With all that said, I took a risk in trying RMS Beauty on the recommendation of a high school friend and the fact that I’ve seen it pop up here and there in magazines. Instead of just buying one product, I decided to try out the whole line.



RMS Beauty believes in long-term beauty rather than a quick-fix to achieve a flawless complexion. They use raw, organic, food grade ingredients and try to preserve them during the manufacturing process to ensure that the nutrients from these ingredients aren’t compromised. All their cream products are made with coconut oil, making them very moisturizing and creamy. Since they do have oil in them, I like to apply all their cream products with my fingers and really pat the product onto my skin.

In terms of packaging, it’s extremely simple and elegant. All their cream products come in a recyclable glass container. Unlike a lot of make-up companies that try to attract customers with their flashy and sometimes gimmicky packaging, RMS Beauty keeps their packaging uniform across all of their products and this to me, shows that they care more about their product than the container it comes in.

I bought the “Un” Cover-Up Concealer, Lip2Cheek in Smile, Living Luminzer, and the Tinted “Un” Powder and will review them in that order. RMS Beauty claims that all of their make-up products are designed to work synergistically with each other and they enhance your natural beauty while also delivering nutrients and moisture to your skin, so let’s see if they live up to the hype!


“Un” Cover-Up Concealer

I use the shade #33 and this is probably one of my favorite concealers to date because it doubles as a corrector for my dark circles. The shade I use is yellow based, so it really helps reduce redness and brightens up my complexion. Since this concealer is made with coconut oil, it does have a very slick texture. If I’m having a particularly good skin day and don’t need a lot of coverage, I can get away with applying the concealer on bare skin; but keep in mind that it will not last all day. My preferred method of applying this concealer is over my favorite tinted moisturizer. My tinted moisturizer provides a better canvas for the concealer to adhere to and it just really helps with the longevity of my make-up.


Lip2Cheek in Smile

To me, this is the perfect shade for spring and summer because it gives a very subtle coral flush to the cheeks. On the first application, you get a very sheer wash of color, but you can build up the color while maintaining a very natural finish. By the name of the product, you might be able to guess that you can also use this product on your lips, and you would be right. This is a a lip and cheek duo, but I solely use it on my cheeks because the color is too light for my lips and it gives me the “frosted” lipstick look. I think if you have lighter skin, this would be great as a lip tint.


Living Luminzer

With summer coming, dewy (not oily) skin is a must. This highlighter is perfect for the summer because it gives the most subtle and natural glow to the skin. It’s smooth and gives a really subtle pearlized finish to the skin. If you only wanted to get one product from RMS, I would get this cream luminzer because you can wear it year around and it works with every skin tone.


Tinted “Un” Powder in 3-4

If you have been following my blog, you know that I am a hardcore fan of the BareMinerals Original Powder. I have been using that powder since high school and I always go back to it because it’s light, but gives the perfect amount of coverage. I decided to try the RMS Tinted Powder because I wanted to see how it compared to the BareMinerals one and see how it worked with the rest of the RMS products. The main ingredient in the RMS powder is silica, which means it’s really finely milled, silky to the touch, and will give you an airbrushed finish. In my opinion, it’s very similar to Make-Up Forever’s Finishing Loose Powder in terms of texture and finish. By itself, the RMS powder does not give a lot of coverage – I use this primarily to set all the cream products. Unlike the BareMinerals powder, which you buff into the skin, I like to just sweep the RMS powder using a large powder brush. Since the RMS powder is made with silica, it will help minimize the look of pores and absorb any excess oil.


All in all, I am very impressed with RMS Beauty. I will say that all the products work beautifully together and buying the whole system has really cut down the time it takes for me to get ready. If you are unfamiliar or new to cream products, I would say that this line is perfect for you because all the cream products are meant to be applied with your fingers and they are sheer enough that if you make a mistake, you can just blend it out and nobody will be the wiser. I give all these products two big thumbs up!

If you are interested in trying the line, instead of buying all the products separately like I did, RMS Beauty offers a kit that comes with all their cream products at a discounted price and the best part is that you can pick your shade/color in all the categories.

If you try out any of these products or are using any products from RMS Beauty, let me know!

Stay Chic!

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