Staying Dry







It was raining non-stop this past weekend and although it was probably good that it was raining, I had a lot of errands to run and the rain just made everything a lot more complicated. I hate driving, walking, and basically any other activity besides lying in bed and watching TV when it’s raining.

Since I was out and about during this rainy weekend, I got some good use out of my parka and rain boots. Although my parka is waterproof, it doesn’t have a hood, so I found an old beanie and stuck it on my head.  It also prevents my hair from frizzing too much.

Instead of wearing pants, I decided to do the old tights under a short trick. I don’t like wearing jeans when it’s raining because if they get wet, they take forever to dry and I hate the feeling of wet jeans on my legs. Also, jeans are very porous, so if it is windy, and trust me it was windy, jeans will allow a lot of cold air in so you won’t be very warm.

What do you wear on rainy days? Let me know!

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details:

Parka: Bossini (Similar here)

Shirt: Gap

Shorts: Guess (Similar here)

Boots: Hunter

Scarf: Gap (Similar here)

Beanie: Banana Republic (Similar here)

Watch: Casio

Bracelet: Rise Collective

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