How to Achieve: Dewy Skin

During the winter season, my skin tends to need a little boost in the moisture department and even though I use a thicker cream during the day and night, after I apply my makeup, it can be a little too matte for my liking. To me, a very matte look can come across as a bit cakey and powdery, so I really prefer having a dewy and natural looking complexion.

To achieve this look, I have added one key step to my makeup routine: Glycerin Water.

Now glycerin water doesn’t help with the longevity of your make-up, but it does help everything blend together better to create a dewy finish. Let’s get started!





  1. Apply highlighting concealer in a triangle shape from the inner corner of the eye all the way to the tops of the cheeks bones.
  2. Apply skin-toned concealer in the space directly below the under-eye and wherever you have discoloration or need extra coverage.
  3. Spray glycerin water all of the face. Glycerin water helps make all the cream product blend together seamlessly and prevents the make-up from looking cakey and powdery.
  4. Blend everything in with a damp beauty blender. When using the beauty blender, try to just press in the highlighting and skin-toned concealers into the skin rather than swiping it across your face. This allows for maximum coverage and prevents your concealer from looking streaky.
  5. Set under eye and entire face with a setting powder. This will set all the cream products and help with the longevity of the make-up. Hourglass’ Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light helps blur imperfections and gives an airbrushed finish.
  6. Highlight the tops of the cheekbones as a final touch. This helps reflect light and it’s where sunlight would naturally hit your face so it gives the illusion of a glowy and dewy complexion.

Stay Chic!



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