Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial


With every new year comes the list of “New Year Resolutions.”  For me, it’s waking up five minutes earlier everyday to put just a little bit more effort into my makeup routine because I find that if I have a good complexion, I tend to be happier throughout the day.  I know, how vain am I?

Now, I always do at least concealer and powder foundation, but lately, I have been really into doing a very subtly defined neutral eye.

This look normally takes me about five minutes and it’s pretty fool-proof because the shadows I use are super blendable and very natural, so even if I mess-up here and there, I can blend it out and it’s not very noticeable.

Let’s jump in!





1. Cleanse and moisturize your face. I like to do my eye makeup before anything else because I find myself using less face products when I do.  Plus, if I do make mistakes, I can clean them up with my face makeup

2. Prime the eyes.


3. Blend in a combination of a matte medium brown and matte mauve shade into the crease.

4. Pat a shimmery light gold all over the lid

5.  Blend, blend, blend.  If you want a more defined crease, just add and blend some more of the crease color.


6.  Blend a shimmery light champagne shade on the brow bone.

7. Blend the same shade on the inner corner to brighten the eye. This will make you look more awake.


8. Stamp a dark matte brown shade on the lash line as a soft eyeliner

9. Curl eyelashes and apply favorite mascara as usual.



I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and if you want more tutorials like this, please like or comment on this post!

Stay Chic!

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