Hits & Misses: November Edition

I know I skipped October Hits & Misses and that is mainly because I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to two face products (I’ll mention them later) so I didn’t wear makeup for the majority of October. In light of that fact, I decided to combine October’s Misses with November’s. Hope you enjoy!

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.39.43 AM

1. ASOS Oversized Grid Scarf – Oversized scarves are all the rage this winter and being a scarf fanatic, I jumped on that bandwagon real quick.  ASOS has a lot of great options for these oversized scarves, but this grid one is super versatile and goes with pretty much anything and everything.

2. ALC Leather Jacket – This jacket was my splurge of the season because I really love leather jackets and I find myself grabbing them the most.  I was on the hunt for a really nice leather jacket to invest in since my Michael Kors one is a few years old and I wear it almost everyday.  This jacket is made out of a very thick leather but I don’t find myself overheating when I wear it.  I wore this jacket everyday when I went to LA for a few days and it was perfect.  Like the scarf, it’s extremely versatile.  If it is warmer outside, I will pair this jacket with a t-shirt or a tank top and it never gets too hot and if it’s colder, I can just wear a light sweater underneath.  I think this jacket is no longer available, but there are always plenty of leather jackets similar to it on the market.

3. Kiehl’s Calendula Face Wash and Toner – As I mentioned in the introduction of this post, I had a pretty bad allergic reaction to some face products I tried out in October and my Michael Todd’s Charcoal Cleanser and Blue Algae Toner were a bit too harsh and drying for my already aggravated dry skin, so I decided to go back to good ‘ole Kiehl’s.  I popped into a store and the guy working there recommended the Calendula line because it is meant for very sensitive skin and it’s supposed to really soothe and calm the skin down.  After about a week of using the face wash and toner together, my skin was finally recovering and the rash on my face was slowly going away.  The toner does have marigold petals in it which I find a little bit gimmicky, but it works, so I’ll just live with it.

4. Michael Todd’s Soniclear –  Since it is the holiday season, the last thing I need is a breakout.  I’ve been using my Soniclear every morning and night just to make sure that my skin is nice and smooth and that I am really deep cleaning everyday to prevent a breakout from occurring.  If you want to learn more about the Soniclear, I wrote a very lengthy and informational post about it here.

5. First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream – This moisturizer goes hand in hand with my allergic reaction in October.  Since I was breaking out in a rash from the products I was testing, my face became very dry, bumpy, and flaky.  My normal moisturizer was  not doing the job anymore so I turned to this cream.  I bought a travel size version of this cream for, you know, when I travel, and I really liked it so I tried it out on my inflamed skin and it did seem to calm it down significantly.  This cream is very thick, but does not leave a film of grease on your face.  It sinks in very quickly and I decided to buy the big tub of it to use as a day and night moisturizer.  It definitely leaves my skin a lot more hydrated and soft, so if you have dry, sensitive skin, I highly recommend this moisturizer.

6. Esteé Lauder Pure Color Blush in Sensuous Rose – I was a little hesitant to buy this blush because it looked really brown and not flattering, but after looking at swatches and what it looked like on, I was convinced that this blush would be a perfect everyday blush.  This blush is a muted pink-beige color and it looks beautiful on the skin.  It has a little bit of sheen to it, so it gives you a really healthy complexion when you apply it.  This was the only blush I wore for the month of November.

7. Josie Maran Coconut Watercolor Eyeshadow in Rio de Rose Gold – This eyeshadow is pretty amazing and is great on its own or as a base for powder shadows.  I have never used a eyeshadow like this before.  You have to shake this it to mix the water with the pigment and then all you do is dab it directly on your eyes with the doe-foot applicator.  It has a liquid consistency, but it blends like a dream.  I was pleasantly surprised by this product because this eyeshadow is very pigmented and it’s absolutely gorgeous all over the lid.  It lasts all day and if I am in a rush, this is the only eyeshadow I will use.  I bought this in a Josie Maran Christmas gift set and the set was a really good deal because you get to try all of her makeup products.

8. Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade – My eyebrows are generally a hot mess.  I really liked the Anastasia Eyebrow Wiz, but sometimes I felt like it just didn’t stay on all day and I would rub it off throughout the day.  I was a little dubious trying the pomade because I thought it would look unnatural and that it would look like I drew on my eyebrows.  When I went to Sephora, however, one of the people who worked there showed me how to use it and my brows looked super natural and thick so I decided to buy it.  Yes, you have to use a light hand with it and a little goes a long way to get a very natural look, but your brows will not budge when you use this product.

Since I’ve been talking about my misses throughout this post, I should probably tell you about the culprits that caused my face to breakout in rashes and tiny pimples.

Screen Shot 2014-12-11 at 12.40.43 AM

1. Esteé Lauder Daywear Anti-Oxidant Cream – Both my mom and sister use Esteé Lauder skincare products and my mom accidentally bought this one and since she didn’t want to return it, she told me to try it out since it has SPF 15 and it’s meant to be a day cream.  Now, I tried this exact same cream when I was younger and I remembered it broke me out, but I decided to give it a second try and guess what happened…it broke me out.  Lesson learned.

2. Esteé Lauder Daywear Sheer Tint Moisturizer – Now I know what you’re thinking; “Patricia, if the Daywear cream broke you out, why did you buy the tinted moisturizer?”  Good question.  To be honest, I was hoping the sheer tint moisturizer wouldn’t break me out because I had heard great things about it.  This tinted moisturizer comes out of the tube as a grey cream with little beads in it and the beads are supposed to adjust the cream to your skin tone.   I will say that this moisturizer blended and applied very easily.  Unfortunately, this stuff broke me out as well, so I had to return it.

3. GlamGlow ThurstyMud Mask – This might be a shocker to some people, but I really didn’t like this product.  I had accumulated a few samples from various shopping trips to Sephora, so I decided to give this mask a try.  First of all, it’s really sticky and it doesn’t sink into the skin. Second of all, I could not tell a difference in my complexion.  I put this mask at night and decided to sleep in it.  In the morning, my face felt very sticky and when I washed off the mask, I couldn’t see or feel a difference in my skin.  Finally, this mask has a very strong coconut scent.  I don’t like coconut scented things…this mask and I just didn’t get along.

That’s it for my monthly hits and misses! What have you guys been loving? Let me know below!

Stay Chic!

*The links to all the various items are NOT affiliate links.

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