The Pack Rat Life






The women in my family, aka, my mom, sister, and me seem to have a hard time letting go of our old clothes.  Our idea of cleaning out our closets is to take all the clothes we don’t want or like at the moment and store them in a large plastic box that will be left at the back of our closets to collect dust.

For some reason, we have this notion that we will somehow need an article of clothing the moment we throw it away.  Most of my friends think I am a total pack rat because I have boxes and boxes of clothes that I might wear one day.  I rarely wear clothes from these boxes because let’s get real, they are in there for a reason.  I keep these clothes because they still fit – they just don’t excite me anymore.  Isn’t that the reason behind buying new clothes?

Yes, sometimes we buy clothes out of necessity, but I find that I’m always searching for something that is going to inspire me for a lifetime – it’s my saving grace.  It’s the one article of clothing or pair of shoes that is going to change my wardrobe forever because it’s going to be timeless and it’s going to live in my closet forever.

The irony behind this search is that it’s never attainable.  You might have thought you found it at the time of purchase, but after a couple of months or years, the magic wears off, and you are again, on the hunt for that life-changing article of clothing.

Take for example, the big chunky sweater I am wearing.  I’ve owned this since my sophomore year of high school.  I loved this sweater to death – the chunkiness of it and the big brass button details.   But just like my memories of my sophomore year of high school, it has been superseded by new memories.  I was going through my closet and I found this old gem and surprisingly enough, it still fit.  I’ve been taking a conscious effort to mix in some of my older clothes with my new ones hoping to spruce some life back into them because well, I’m just not ready to let go.  You will always be searching for the next thing to bring excitement and inspiration into you life, but sometimes, you have take a moment and revel in the memories of old gems.

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details

Sweater: Dex (Similar here)

Flannel: Uniqlo

Tank: Forever 21

Leggings: Uniqlo

Boots: Enzo Angiolini (Similar here)

Necklace: Jewlemint (Similar here)

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