Black and White







Have you ever owned a piece of clothing that you liked so much that you bought it, took it home, and realized that it didn’t work for your body type.  That is the story behind this beaded cropped sweatshirt.

I bought this top over the summer at a Zara in Vancouver and I was so obsessed with the beading detail that I bought it without trying it on.  When I came back to California, I found out that it was just not made for my body type.

I have a long torso, so I get what I call the “inadvertent crop top” with normal shirts, so when I try and wear an actual crop top, it looks like I’m wearing something from Gap Kids.  This sweatshirt is not only cropped, but it is also boxy, so wearing it by itself was just a no-go for me.

This top has been sitting in my closet since August and it has been killing me that I couldn’t find a way to wear it.  Since I knew what the problem was, I went about trying to “fix” it.  Since it’s a bit too boxy for my liking, I decided to layer a shirt underneath to see if I could fill it out.  Lucky for me, I loved the way it turned out.  Not only does the shirt make the sweatshirt less boxy, it also covers my entire torso.

I’ve learned that if you like a piece of clothing so much, you’ll learn or find a way to make it work for you.

If any of you have had experiences where you refuse to give up on a piece of clothing, let me know in the comments below!

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details

Sweatshirt: Zara (Similar here)

Shirt: Urban Outfitters

Pants: J. Crew

Shoes: Shoemint (Bailey) (Similar here)

Bracelets: Jewelmint 

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