Indian Summer


When I drive or walk through the different cities that comprise San Francisco, I often have this nagging thought in the back of my head that San Francisco is just too hip for me.  You got the cool techies, with their cool and fancy gadgets and the artists/hipsters who shop at all the cool vintage thrift shops in Haight-Ashbury.  I still have the iPhone 4S and I can’t remember the last time I went to a thrift store.  I also can’t remember the last time I wore something I bought at a thrift store.  I’m honestly not thrifty and clearly not up to date in the realm of technology.

To solidify the fact that San Francisco is too hip for me, the weather decided to skip summer during the summer months and now that it’s officially fall and I have unpacked all my sweaters, mother nature decides that she wants it to be ridiculously hot.  I could chalk all this wonky weather to global warning, but that would just be too easy.





Since it was so hot this weekend, I had to pull out some shorts and a tank top.  I was initially drawn to this tank top blouse for it’s open back details.  I love shirts that some sort of cut-out detail because it shows some skin without it being too much.  Since it’s officially fall, instead of wearing sandals, I opted for some ankle booties. I topped the outfit off with some gold accessories and I was ready for summer in October!

Stay Chic!

Outfit Details:

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