Hits & Misses: September Edition

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September was kind of a blur (in a really good way.)  I spent a weekend at Venice beach in LA and it was so relaxing and fun.  I haven’t been to a real beach in years and it was so nice to walk in the sand and get my tan on.  I did a little reading, but I eventually just took a hour nap under the sun.  Don’t worry, I slathered myself in sunscreen, so I left the beach unscathed.


At the very end of the month, I went to one of the BEST concerts I have ever attended, which leads me to my first favorite of the month:

1. Sam Smith’s In the Lonely Hour – I first found out about Sam Smith when he was featured on Naughty Boy’s La La La and I instantly fell in love with his voice.  I honestly can’t say anything negative about his debut album and if you want more of him, definitely check out his Nirvana EP.  I saw him in concert in Oakland and he was just amazing.  His voice is so unique and when I heard it live, I thought it was almost better than the recording – it was incredible.  He was so entertaining, engaging and just overall adorable.  I have been listening to his album nonstop for the past month and will probably continue listening to it through October.

2. New Balance 373 – Call me a grandma, but I love these shoes.  I kind of always thought New Balance shoes were kind of ugly and bulky, but they are honestly so comfortable and they now come in some pretty cool retro colors.  I am constantly on my feet at work, so I need comfortable shoes.  These shoes are pretty colorful, so they will add a pop of color to a plain outfit.

3.  Bumble and Bumble Semisumo Pomade – This pomade has changed the way I style my hair.  I recently watched a Youtube video on how to give yourself the perfect blowout and although I am not quite a pro yet, I love adding this pomade as a finishing touch.  The main reason I use it is that it gives me a more textured and piece-y finish.  Even when I let my hair air dry, I will add this product to the ends of my hair and just finger curl the ends of my hair to achieve a bit of a wave texture. I also have a lot of baby hairs, so this pomade does a great job of taming those suckers.  It also smells great and doesn’t leave my hair hard and crunchy – it’s still very soft and movable.

4.   Powder Play by Big Sexy Hair – I just want to be clear, this powder is NOT a dry shampoo.  It’s a styling powder and it gives your hair a lot of volume.  I like to use this product on second day hair because my hair can look a little flat and limp on the second day and this just gives it some volume and life.  I apply it directly on my roots and in various areas that need volume.  Then, instead of rubbing it in like a dry shampoo, I will just tousle my hair and lift my hair with my fingers.  This creates a textured and effortless “messy” look and I just style it until I am pleased with it.  It also absorbs into your hair really easily, so it won’t leave white powder marks. (Currently on sale at Ulta.com!)

5.  Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Liar – The 90’s are back! Can I get a woot woot?  This lipstick is a pinky-brown nude and normally nudes wash me out, but this lipstick is only slightly lighter than my natural lip color do it blends in well. It also makes my lips look fuller.  These lipsticks are very pigmented moisturizing, and long wearing. Even if the surface of the lipstick wears off, it stains your lips, so you lips will have a touch of color throughout the day.  To get this lipstick to look more natural on my lips, I like to apply it directly onto my lips and then just dab it into with my finger.  This allows it to sink into the skin and smooth out any lines or patches that might have occurred during the application process.

6.  The Wet Brush – I have heard so many things about this hair brush and let me tell you, it was not easy getting my hands on this baby.  I wanted to just buy it off Amazon, but there were a lot of reviews saying what they received was a fake.  I found out they were being sold at Target, so I literally went to Target at least once a week to try and get my hands on this hair brush.  I know, I sound like a crazy woman.  Well, I finally got my hands on The Wet Brush and now I know why they sell out so quickly.  The bristles are very soft and flexible, so it is able to comb through wet hair without breaking the hair.


I only have one miss this month and it was a book.


If I Stay by Gayle Forman – I had such high hopes for this book.  I saw the trailer for the movie and so decided to read the book first.  It was really slow and emotional and there wasn’t a lot of character development throughout the novel.  It’s definitely an easy and quick read. I have not seen the movie adaptation, but the book was just meh.

What were your favorites for the month of September? Let me know!

Stay Chic!


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