Get On My Feet: Tennis Sneakers

I’m not particularly good at tennis.

In theory, I should be more talented than my current state – I took tennis lessons from when I was eight to when I was seventeen.  Perhaps it was my resistance to move my feet and run to the ball that prevented me from fully reaching my potential.

I may not be a good tennis player, but what I am good at is simple and quite unimpressive: dressing the part.  Or should I say, pulling the details from the part, in this case, my tennis shoes, and making it seem so my own that bystanders are forced to believe that I am an off-duty tennis player.

I know that when I started wearing my Lacoste sneakers it was because of how seamlessly they paired with any outfit.  They were stark white except for the 4 multi-colored velcro straps – an adult shoe reminiscent of my days in preschool when I couldn’t tie my shoes.  Through each wear, the leather got more scuffed up and worn in.  Through years of wear, my sneakers no longer resembled their former pristine glory, but the ghost identity of being tennis shoes lingered on.  The retirement of those sneakers (my mom “lost” them while we were remodeling our house) prompted me to find my next favorite pair of tennis shoes.

Since my last beloved sneakers were from Lacoste, it seemed self-explanatory that the preppy tennis brand was the place to start.  I was not disappointed with these purple hi-top trainers.  Next on the list also seemed like a no-brainer – Nike.  Through searching high and low, I finally came across these Vintage Hi- Top Blazers which I think would go with anything and everything.  Adidas is making a comeback with their Original Stan Smith Shoes – adding a pop of color to a classic white sneaker and quickly sneaking back into my heart.  (See what I did there?)  If you want the perfect “dirty” look, just type Superga into Google.  Their classic canvas creations break in really quickly and magically develop the “dirty, but not super dirty” appearance.  With tennis shoes in every color and material, you are will not be able to leave the website without purchasing something.  My final stop may be a shock because they resemble those of what nurses wear, but New Balance has been coming out with shoes with color combinations that piqued my interest to continue exploring the brand.

With brands, new and old, reinventing the look of tennis sneakers, why not jump on the bandwagon and give your bunions a break!

Stay Chic!

One thought on “Get On My Feet: Tennis Sneakers

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