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It was 10:35 a.m on a Sunday – I would have been snoozing if it were not for my friend (hey Nadia!), who motivated me to go to Soul Cycle with her.  So here I was, running around Stanford Mall looking for it.  I finally found it; ironically besides Chipotle and Pinkberry – genius marketing.  After you scarf down a Chipotle burrito or a large froyo, why not work those calories off with an upbeat, body – pumping Soul Cycle class?

By the time I had arrived at Soul Cycle, I was already panting and sweating up a storm.  I quickly grabbed a pair of biking shoes, found my friend, and stuffed all my shit into her locker.

When you enter the candle-lit room, your senses kind of kick and you’re like, “oh, this is so peaceful and soothing, but then you have to figure out a way to get to your bike and the panicking commences.

I love working out in Palo Alto because all the Palo Alto moms come out with their head-to-toe Lululemon outfits and you just know that they go to Soul Cycle at least three times a week, so they know the drill.  Adjust, clip, and go.  It sounds simple enough, but in reality, you have to adjust your bike and “clip in” all while trying not to fall on your face and dying.

Finally, everyone is situated.  My butt already hurts from sitting in the saddle, but the music begins, and I begin pedaling.  There’s no mercy.  No gentle warm up, no introduction to the rhythm of moving your legs in circles, you just plunge right in.  The instructor gives a motivational speech about how “this is your ride” and that “showing up is half the battle.”  At this point, my thighs are burning and beads of regret are slowly dripping down my face.

The first song ends, the second one is a little faster and the instructor is getting into the groove. Right, left, right, left; two seconds in the saddle, and two seconds out. You’re trying to keep your pedaling in sync with your breathing but it’s a difficult task when Usher’s Yeah! is a little too fast for your breathing.  This is when you realize that you’re not as coordinated as you thought you were.  Then comes the hill.  The hill is always the worst.  That little knob in the middle of the bike becomes a small torture device for your thighs.  You keep turning that little sucker until Ellie Goulding’s Burn ends.

Towards the end of the class, I’m sitting in the saddle, slowly pedaling through the beat, but now I’m holding two-pound weights in my sweaty palms.  I know the end is near – I just have to keep pedaling while doing some bicep curls until the seven minute song is over.  Right when I think the class is over, I have to unclip (which is surprisingly harder than clipping in).  You basically have to yank your feet as hard as you can away from your bike and gracefully dismount.

I’m not going to lie, once I exit that door, I feel great about myself.  I have sense of accomplishment and am overcome with pride.  I woke up at 9:30 a.m on a Sunday morning to come to this class!  I am a warrior.  I’m an athletic.  I vow to eat healthier and give up fast food.  It’s like New Years all over again.

Once I exit those shiny glass doors, I turn to my friend and ask, “Hey, wanna get some Chipotle?”

P.S. – I have been to Soul Cycle every week ever since and it is worth it!  Shout out to Lisa because her classes are da bomb.

Stay Chic!

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