Silk and Chiffon


Visiting The Getty was on the top of my list for my latest visit to LA.  Even my mom asked if I was going.  If my mom asks if I’m to The Getty, then it is the place to be – she doubles as a personal tour guide.


With our 10 cent Trader Joe’s paper bag filled with cheese, bread, and salami, my friend and I were on our way.  After getting lost a couple times, and making a few wrong turns (I’m not the greatest navigator), we finally arrived and made our way to the garden area for a wee little picnic.  It wasn’t until we were almost done eating did I realize that I should have taking a picture for posterity (sorry!). After stuffing my face with food, I was ready to experience the Getty.


I am no stranger to being a tourist.  Hello, Asian tours to Canada and China!  The key to being a happy tourist is wearing comfortable clothes.  For me, if my feet are happy, I’m happy, so I bought some really old sandals that I knew I could walk hours in.  Since LA experiences spring/summer year around, I felt that an all black outfit would be a little out of place, so these printed silk shorts put a little twist in my usual all black attire.  Since I kind of wanted to feel like a half-mermaid, half-fairy hybrid, I chose an extreme high-low layered chiffon tank top.  Finally, since it’s gets a little cold at night, I tossed on a cream knit sweater to add some contrast with all the black.



Stacy Chang Knit Sweater (similar here and here) / Stacy Chang Chiffon Layered Tank (also love this one) / Uniqlo Limited Edition Silk Printed Shorts (similar here) / Hotwind Sandals (similar here) / Hotwind Purse (similar here and here) / H&M necklace (similar here)

If you want to visit the Getty vicariously through me, check out some of my pictures!

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Stay Chic!

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