The Art of Snapchat


I recently shared my Snapchat “score” with a friend, and his reaction was shy of mortified.  I would classify his reaction as shocked with a hint of embarrassment.  Now, I like to think that I am somewhat of diverse Snapchatter – I like to spice up my selfies with some finger-drawn art or a clever caption.

Strangers and friends have caught me in full-blown Snapchat conversations and unfortunately for my friends, I have no shame, so if I’m having a chin-off (try to create as many chins as you can) with a friend, I have no problem documenting it in public.  There have been many times when I have relied on Snapchat to communicate to others.  For instance, when I updated my iPhone to the new iOS operating system, my messaging was on the struggle bus, so I had to turn to Snapchat to stay connected.

The one caveat to Snapchat comes down to etiquette.  While it’s convenient to send a picture to the masses with a few taps of your finger, the issue at hand is how to respond and deciding whether a response is even necessary.

When I receive a snap that I don’t know how to respond to, my shoulders raise to my earlobes and my hands clamp to the side of my face, my go -to fetal position usually reserved for threats of getting tickled.  I feel bad not responding because someone has taken the time to tap on my name as a recipient for a snap.  Shouldn’t I return the favor?

While I am guilty of sending out mass snaps, I only include people that I know would enjoy the snap –I don’t just send snaps willy nilly.  But what if other people don’t have the same courtesy?  That is why I have come up with 5 ways to tell if you are a recipient of a mass snap and how I respond to them:

1. A snap includes food – this is almost always a mass snap.  Obviously you want me and all your friends to be jellies of what you are stuffing your face with.  I get it.  I tend not to respond to these.  You’ve made me so hungry with your snap, I have no energy to send one back.

photo 4

#nofilter = be jealous of what I’m eating.

2.  A selfie with no text – You’re probably just bored and want someone to snap with. At least 1 of the 20 recipients will respond, right?  STEP YOUR GAME UP!  At least make an effort and draw something.  I will return the favor and send you a bland “I can’t bother with you right now” face.  -__-

photo 3

Hey, look at my sad attempt at winking.

3.  A snap of a landscape – You’re probably traveling and want your friends to enjoy what you’re seeing.  Either that, or you’re bragging that you’re on a trip while your friends are at home working.  If it’s the latter, you’re just cruel.  It’s normally a mixture of the two and I’m okay with that.  If the snap is extremely beautiful, it is worthy of a reply.  I will probably respond with a “I’m so jellies” snap.  If you’re lucky, you’ll even get a finger-drawn jelly jar.  If it’s a blurry picture of a field, don’t expect anything in return.

photo (4)

How purdy and romantic.  PSYCH! I was third wheeling with my parents.  Awkward.

4.  A ninja snap of something funny – these are always entertaining, and I approve.  Ninja snaps are great, but ninja videos are a whole other level.  I will ALWAYS respond with a snap of me laughing or something that is equally as funny.

photo (3)

This baby was freaking out on the train. (He won the chin off we were having)

5.  A snap that contains gossip – This takes gossip girl to a whole new level.  As a nosy Asian, I can’t help but enjoy these.  I like to be updated on the gossip without having to be social.  How do you think I found out that Kris and Bruce Jenner separated?  I will probably snap back a face that resembles the like of Scream.  In the case of the Kris and Bruce Jenner separation, my world was shattered – if their love couldn’t make it, there is no hope for plebeians like me.

What are your favorite types of snaps?

Stay Chic!

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