Coral My Heart

Coral My Heart

It’s the beginning of July and it finally feels like summer! I came back to “sunny” California hoping to escape the heat and humidity of Houston.  At the beginning of summer, my wish was taken a little to seriously by mother nature because for the first two months, it was cold, windy, and quite gloomy over here in San Francisco.  San Francisco is notorious for being kind of chilly all year, but the weather was a little ridiculous.  It is just now starting to warm up and I couldn’t be more excited.

Since it can still get a little chilly, pants are definitely preferable to shorts or dresses, so why not opt for a colorful print like these floral pants from Le J. Crew.  Since the pants are plenty colorful, I kept the top simple and why not show a little skin with this crop top from H&M.  Since I grew up in SF, my rule of thumb is to never leave the house without a jacket of some sort, so to make this outfit a little bit more polished, I picked a 3/4 sleeve blazer from River Island.  Sticking to the orange and blue color scheme of the pants, I picked a pair of baby wedges from Anne Taylor and a bright orange cross-body wallet-purse from Henri Bendel (similar one here).

As for make-up, I would keep it simple since the outfit should be the focus of attention.  This Stila eyeshadow is perfect as you can mix the pink, lavender, and orange shades for the perfect lid color – it’s simple and will make your eyes looking bright and awake.  For summers, creme blushes are better as they will give you a dewy finish and a natural flush.  This one by Stila (shade: Petunia) can be used on the cheeks and/or lips.  Since lip stains are all the rage, this coral liquid lipstick (shade: Carina) by Stila is not only moisturizing, it will stay on your lips all day!

I hope all of you are having an amazing summer!

Stay Chic!

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