Wearing Animals

And before you freak out, I’m not talking about fur.

At age 4, my dream dog was a golden lab, and then at age 5, a husky.   Four chickens, one rabbit, one hamster, two turtles, and fifteen years later, I have come to the realization that the closest I will ever get to owning a dog is if I have one printed on my sweater.  It doesn’t matter that I still don’t own a dog.  What does matter is that clothing items and accessories with cute animals on them are growing in popularity at a fairly rapid pace.  And while these updated animals won’t cuddle with you when you go to sleep, this shouldn’t pose problem: a human companion or a nice big body pillow will suffice.  What’s more, owning animals in this way doesn’t limit you to the traditional domesticated ones – you can be free to flaunt the exotic ones from foreign countries too!  Below is a collage constructed to celebrate the notion that nothing screams “I love animals!” more than having a giant fox on your chest, or shuffling around in some mouse flats.

Wearing Animals

From the top left: ChicNova Talking Cats Sweater, Peter Jensen Grey Fox JumperOld Navy Sheep Sweater, Mango Vintage Owl NecklaceMarc by Marc Jacobs Metallic Leather Mouse Ballet FlatsNew Look Panda Face Hoodie

Stay Chic!

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