Lazy Layering

Living in Houston has its humorous moments.  The second it gets too cold to wear shorts, people decide to crank up the heater and as much as I like to be warm and cozy, I don’t want to feel like I’m in a sauna as I’m trying to sleep take notes in class.

I’m going to be completely honest, I had no clue where I was going with this outfit.  I just kept on putting on clothes and violá – an outfit was created.  Each layer of this outfit has a little story, so let’s get started.

There’s really nothing special about the sweater I chose other than that it is WAY to itchy to wear on its own.  I made the mistake of wearing it without something underneath and I looked like a dog who had a major flea problem.  So I chose an olive tunic that is having a peek-a-boo moment under my sweater.  It was still a little cold, so why not add a blazer vest that gives no insulation.

Realizing that the vest added no warmth, but was too lazy to take it off, I just layered a boxy leather jacket on top.  The funny thing about this jacket is that my mom bought it for me a size too big thinking that I would eventually grow into it, but much to her dismay, I stopped growing.  So now, I have to wear four layers underneath to make it fit.

Feeling a little dark and gloomy with my all black/grey outfit, why not add on a colorful scarf.

As for the boots, I was wearing mismatched socks and I needed something to conceal them.

Sweater – Banana Republic (Similar one here) // Tunic – Sparkle & Fade (Similar one here) // Vest – Silence + Noise (Similar on here)// Jacket – Michael Kors (Similar one here) //Jeans – Easy Money (Similar ones here) //Boots – Banana Republic // Scarf – Random shop in Shanghai// Sunglasses – Buffalo Exchange

Stay Chic!


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