Welcome Back, Winter

The day Houston hit the low 70’s, I immediately unpacked all my sweaters, scarves, and boots.  I was prepared to layer sweater upon sweater before I realized that I was in Houston and the most layers I would be wearing was a maximum of four.

As a person who is very indecisive, layering is my jam – I can wear all my favorite clothes at once.  I think part of the key to layering is mixing and matching different textures and prints.  The goal is to not look like the Michelin man.

Tough Winters

Jacket – Bernard Lafond // Sweater – Topshop // Pants- J Brand  // Boots – Steve Madden // Scarf – French Connection // Sunglasses – Ray-Ban // Purse – Proenza Schouler // Eyeshadow – Nars in Brousse  // Blush – Tarte Amazonian Clay Blush in Exposed // Lipstick – Tom Ford  in Black Orchid

Chunky sweaters are your best friends for the winter.  They are warm, come in a variety of designs, like this geometric one from Topshop, and most importantly, comfortable as hell.  It’s like, am I wearing something or am I still encompassed in my goose down comforter?  You decide.  Since wearing oversized clothes can engulf your body, wearing some skinny leather pants will not only give your shape back, but you’ll also look like a BAMF.  And with these Steven Madden boots, WHOO, you will wreck shit up.

Once, you have your shape back, you want to immediately cover it with a big oversized jacket.  The jacket is key because it gives you an unexpected entrance.  You look like hobo when you enter a room, but when you take it off, BAM, all eyes will be on you.

Now, it’s time for the add-ons.  During the colder, windier months, your neck is left quite vulnerable.  The easy answer, a circle scarf.  No need to worry about arranging your scarf, all you have to do is wrap it a couple times around your neck and you’re good to go.

For makeup, I would go easy on the eyes and cheeks and really focus on the lips.  Dark, vampy lips are all the rage and since you’re eyes are covered by sunglasses, a bold lip will add just the right amount of pazzazz.

Stay Chic!

One thought on “Welcome Back, Winter

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