Mother Nature Calls the Shots

Spotted.Chic has been looking quite sad lately – my last post was in September!  To get myself off my lazy bum, I gave myself a mini intervention because wearing sweatpants on a semi-regular basis is a slippery slope.  Once you own more than four pairs of sweats, you will never want to put on jeans again.  I kid, I own WAY more than four pairs of sweat pants.  I won’t give you guys an exact number, but think double digits.

Enough for the awkward introduction – now for the good stuff.  When people ask me what the weather is like in Houston, I normally compare it to living with a teenager going through puberty.  Five percent of the time you get perfect weather: sunny, 0% humidity, a little bit breezy; basically, the perfect sweater weather.  About twenty percent of the time, you have the crappy, PMS days: 100% humidity and the second you step out the door, you are drenched in your own sweat.  Finally, the last 75%, the weather is bearable: a little bit of humidity, not hot or cold, just MEH.

The problem with the “MEH” days is that I never know what to wear.  It’s too cold for shorts, too hot for a sweater, so the best I can do is my boyfriend button-up.  You can roll up the sleeves for when it gets hot and then with a pop of a button, you have a long-sleeve blouse – versatility people! 

I then tucked my shirt into a classic pair of black skinnies and since I can’t even look at my boots without breaking out into a sweat, I went for a some ballet flats.

I was giving my friend who took this picture an air kiss.  (I’m talking to you, Ashley!)

Blouse: Gap (Similar one here)

Jeans: Habitual (Similar one here)

Flats: Just Fab – Anitra (Invite link or Sign up for Just Fab)

Belt: Banana Republic (Similar one here)

Necklace: Nordstroms B.P (Similar one here)


I saw a lizard!

…and now I’m trying to not freak out.

Happy Monday!

Stay Chic!

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