August 2012 Hits and Misses

I know I have been gone for a while and it is the middle of September, and a little late for my August Favorites, but hey! Better late than never, right?  Not only is it scorching hot here in Houston, but it is also extremely humid, so sweating is inevitable.  Since I am perspiring more than usual, I like to keep my makeup to a minimum because nobody looks good with makeup melting off their face.


1.  Tarte’s Maracuja Creaseless Concealer – This concealer is great for covering up my blemishes and hyperpigmentation because it is very creamy and opaque.  Just a small dab can hide most of the spots on my face.  Also, this concealer will not smudge or crease throughout the day even if I’m sweating like a pig.  I am in the shade medium.

2.  The Balm’s Frat Boy Blush – I’ve been using this for the whole month.  This is a matte medium pink shade that is perfect for the summer.  This blush is VERY pigmented, so the first time I put it it on, I underestimated its pigmentation and looked like a clown.  I just dab my brush into it and use a light buffing motion to apply it.  The reason I have been using this blush all month is because it is matte and very natural looking.  I think this blush would flatter any skin tone because it is a natural pink and very pigmented, so you can build up the color.

3.  Benefit’s Erase Paste – Now that I’m back at school, sleep is at an all time low, which means dark circles.  I saw this sample of Erase Paste at Ulta, and it was only $12, so I decided to pick it up.  This concealer is a salmon color, so it covers and highlights your eyes and actually makes them look bigger and more awake.  It is also very creamy, so a little goes a long way.

4.  Benefit’s Eye Bright – This pink jumbo pencil is perfect for highlighting the brows and the inner corner of the eyes.  I have really small eyes, and when I put this in the inner corners, my eyes immediately look bigger and more awake.

5.  Urban Decay’s Eyeshadow in X – Urban Decay was having a sale on all their single eyeshadows, and being a makeup addict, I pounced faster than you can say “Urban Decay Sale.” X is a shimmery gold with a sheer pink tint.  I was instantly drawn to this shade because it is a duotone eyeshadow, which means that depending on the light, it comes off as one of two different shades.  I found that this eyeshadow is lighter on the lids, but when you apply it to the crease, it becomes a darker gold.

6.  Bare Escentuals’ Mineral Veil – Since I sweat more in Houston, I want to do everything I can to prevent my makeup from smudging off my face and this translucent powder does the job.  It gives me a flawless airbrushed effect and it also prevents my face from becoming too oily.

7.  Tazo Tea in Awake – I am a nap type of girl (who isn’t).  I usually get very tired after lunch, and since I have class then, I need something that will keep me awake.  I don’t really like coffee or energy drinks, so I decided to try tea.  Awake is an English Breakfast tea and it is very strong, so I normally add a little bit of Truvía and half-and-half cream to mellow it out.

8.  Soap & Glory’s Hand Food – I first tried Soap & Glory products at my friend Taylor’s house.  She had the The Righteous Body Butter and she raved about it.  It smelled so good that I went to the nearest Sephora and bought the hand cream.  I have really dry hands, but this cream is so moisturizing that it makes them feel silky smooth all day.  The best part is that it doesn’t leave a residue after applying – it immediately soaks into the skin.


1. Clean & Clear Morning Burst Fruit Infusions Cleanser in Pomegranate and Strawberry – There has been so much hype and rave reviews about this product that when I saw it at Target, I decided to pick it up.  Within a week of using it, I broke out and started getting cystic acne.  I know that you are supposed to use a new product for two weeks so your skin can adjust to it, but this broke me out so badly that I just went back to my Kiehl’s and my acne cleared up within a week.

2. – This website is kind of like Hautelook where they have daily flash sales.  The only difference is that this company has no costumer (but how is their **customer service?) service.  I ordered two Unii Palettes from this website because they were $10 off and got an extra 10% off on top of that.  My order caused an error at checkout, but I received a confirmation e-mail.  I tried calling customer service 5 times and e-mailed them twice, but I have not received any feedback as to whether my order was actually placed.  I’m still trying to contact them.  If you have ordered from sneakpeeq, please let me know what your experience was like.

What were your August Hits and Misses?

Stay Chic!

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