It’s Friday, Friday…No, It’s Monday!

Gotta get Chic on Friday.  I think I’m funny…

Friday was here (and is gone), so I had to incorporate my favorite color, mint, into my outfit.  If you live in a place that climatically resembles the amazon like I do, it is key to wear clothes that are breathable, or else you will be quite miserable.

These bright, pastel shorts are a perfect base.  They can easily stand alone against any number of tops, so I picked an equally bright coral top.  This combination is comfortable and breezy enough for hanging outside with your friends.

The simplicity of the outfit allowed me to be creative with my shoes, so why not break out some flashy Nike Dunks?  These high tops are are comfortable and surprisingly versatile.  They add an edge to what would be an otherwise plain but cute outfit.  And besides, they make you feel like a BAMF.

Whatchu looking at?

Blouse: Boutique in England

Shorts: J. Crew

Shoes: Flight Club

Necklace: Topshop

Belt: A’GACI

End with a BANG!

Stay Chic!

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