Can I Kick It?

Can I Kick It?

Wedge-heeled sneakers.  Sounds like a weird, quirky combination, right?  Well, ready or not, these retro sneakers are making quite the scene.  Wearing these shoes is like having a party on your feet, but at the end of the day, your feet aren’t crying.  Now, these shoes can be hard to spot because at first glance, they look like normal high-top sneakers, but once you try them on, lo and behold, they have a built-in wedge! This is just living proof that women secretly wish they were taller – we want to reach the top shelf too, ya know!

Now, before you brush these shoes off as just another trend or psych yourself out, saying, “I can’t rock these,” just look at the options- these shoes don’t discriminate.  You can find ones that are sportier than Sporty Spice or ones that have more color than the rainbow.  No matter which pair your choose, you will leave people with their mouths on the floor (in a good way, of course).

Give your booties a break and slip on some “pumped up kicks” that will not only make your feet happy, but also give people the impression that you grew a couple of inches over the summer.  It’s a win-win situation!

If you aren’t a heels person have no fear, because designers are revamping the classic sneaker with studs and cool designs–check out the sneakers with a bright pink heel.

Will you be rocking a pair of these in the fall?

Stay Chic!

Starting Monday, I will be starting my “Back to School” Series, so stay tuned!

Giuseppe Zanotti lace up shoes
$605 –

Wedge heels

Be & D baseball boots
$185 –

Ash suede wedge

Mulberry lace up shoes

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