Delirious After Dark

Even before menswear-inspired clothes started popping on in stores, I used to raid my dad’s closet for a cool flannel or a sweater that screamed comfy and cozy.  Needless to say, when these clothes hit the racks, I attacked faster than you can say “boyfriend jeans.”

Notorious for shopping in the men’s section, I’m that girl asking if they carry a small.  My friends always comment on my oversized shirts and sweaters, but if I can be both cute and comfortable at the same time, that’s a win-win situation.

Today, like most days, I needed a Five-Hour Energy Shot in the clothing department.  I have been pretty lazy this summer when it comes to dressing up – my fool-proof summer outfit has been a cute t-shirt and some shorts. Feeling exceptionally dull, I headed straight for my closet to add some pizzazz to my outfit.

Looking for a more spruced up look, a simple button up blouse was the perfect starting point.  A military-inspired jacket added some edge to my outfit, and finally, I slipped on a blazer vest to provide a feminine touch.  Though this combination may seem a bit odd, the dressiness of the blazer and the toughness of the jacket worked together in harmony to create the perfect casual outfit.

After a long day, I was a little delirious as you can see here:

Blouse: Gap (Similar one’s here)

Jacket: TNA (Similar one’s here)

Vest: Silent and Noise (Similar one’s here)

Jeans: Citizens for Humanity

Shoes: Ralph Lauren (Similar one’s here)

Do you love to shop in the men’s section?

Stay Chic!

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