Stimulate Your Senses with July’s Birchbox

You might not know this about me, but I am addicted to receiving packages.  That’s probably the reason I’m subscribed to Birchbox – I’m guaranteed a little present in the mail each month.  This month, everyone’s box came with something that related to the five senses.  I’m just going to put it out there: some of my senses were happy, while others were not.  It probably didn’t help that I watched other people open theirs and found some great products and had super high expectations.

1.  Color Club Nail Polish in Blue Ming – This nail polish is from Color Club’s Summer Pastels Collection and it’s the perfect mix between green and turquoise.  The consistency, however, is subpar.  The polish goes on unevenly and is blotchy – not a good look.  After 3 coats, however, my nails looked salon ready.  Taking the time to do this made for a nice procrastination break.

2.  High-Gloss Masque by Gloss Moderne – This hair masque claims to do it all: restore nutrients back into your hair, reduce frizz, and provide a glossy shine.  With its strong coconut scent, my senses were definitely piqued, but not in a good way.  Coconut scents make me a little nauseous, so I will probably be handing this off to a friend.

4. Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion by Manna Kadar – Glow Baby Glow!  Who doesn’t want a healthy glow for the summer?  Mix this shimmery beige-toned lotion in with your tinted moisturizer or foundation and you will look like a greek goddess.  Keeping it simple? Wear it by itself as a highlight.  Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy.

5.  Balancing Kit by Suki – With all its natural ingredients, I’m sure that this facial kit is great, but I didn’t get to fully try it, as I received five sample packets.  I could only get one use out of each packet, so I really don’t know if it did anything for me.  This skincare line uses natural ingredients such as willow bark, natural lemongrass, and chamomile extracts to get rid of impurities and dead skin cells.

6.  Earbuds – This is a lifestyle extra and a Birchbox exclusive.  These earbuds are neon green and pink – super cute for the summer!

7.  Larabar – I love Larabars!  These gluten-free and kosher nut bars are not super sugary, but they still satisfy my sweet tooth.  I literally drove to the nearest Whole Foods and stocked up; like a squirrel in the fall, preparing for winter.

What did you guys get in your July Birchbox?

Stay Chic!

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