NYX Eyeshadow Palette in Champagne & Caviar – Review and Swatches

NYX is one of my favorite drugstore brands because they have a wide range of products that are high quality but won’t break the bank.

I have owned this palette for about two years and haven’t paid that much attention to it until now.  I was first drawn to it because it had a very sleek and compact packaging and came with a large mirror inside.

At first glance, I expected the palette to consist of medium to dark brown and taupe shadows, but after swatching all the colors, I found that it contained a nice range of neutral shades.

It includes (changed to accommodate the change i suggested in the sentence above; you can obviously leave it “contains” if you want) your essential natural shadows: a matte white, light brown, dark brown, and black.  The shimmery shades have a satin finish, so they aren’t overly shimmery.

This palette is a little disappointing because the medium toned shadows don’t have much pigmentation, so they come out much lighter than I expected.  The dark matte brown and black are very pigmented and are probably my favorite shades in the palette. (either omit this here, or move what you have on this topic 3 paras down to here)  All the shades are very chalky and powdery, and when I put them on my eye, there is a lot of fallout.

In terms of staying power, I definitely have to use a primer or else these shadows crease like crazy.  The primer also helps to make the eyeshadows more vibrant.

Although they are powdery and not very pigmented, these shadows are very easy to blend and use.  You can create a simple natural eye, but you can also build up the color for a darker and more dramatic look.

My favorite colors would have to be the dark matte brown and black shadows.  I use the matte brown shade to fill in my brows and the matte black shade as an eyeliner when I want a more natural, smudged eyeliner look.

This palette retails for $11.  Although it isn’t my favorite palette, $11 for 10 eyeshadows is a great deal.  Right now Ulta is having BOGO 50% on all NYX products.

If you want to see an everyday natural look using this palette, please comment below.

Stay Chic!

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