Work It Out

Since summer started, I have been trying to get some sort of exercise in everyday to get back in shape and to live a more healthy lifestyle.  In order to tone and lean out my muscles, I’m alternating between running, swimming, playing tennis, and doing various ab exercises.

For me, going to the gym everyday and doing the same thing gets monotonous.  Eventually, I stop going because it’s no longer interesting.  Switching up what I do helps me keep motivated and even excited to work out.  Instead of using machines or weights at the gym and focusing on certain muscles, I have found that outdoor activities are more fun and tone a variety of muscle groups without conscious effort to do so.

Although it’s extremely humid in Houston, running outside after work is surprisingly refreshing.  Every week, I make a new running playlist.  Having new songs keeps me from getting bored and helps me push myself.  When I really like a song, I run faster and am unaware that my legs are getting sore.

After I finish my  run, I feel rejuvenated.  I like running a trail because there is a definite end.  I can push myself to keep running because I know at the end, I’ll feel satisfied about running the whole thing.  Since it is so humid, I sweat a lot, so I wash my face once I get home.  Sweating helps flush out all the toxins from your body, so afterward my skin is glowing.  It could just be that the the sweat is glistening in the sun, but I like to think that is my complexion.

I’ve recently gotten back into swimming.  I cannot begin to tell you how great it feels to jump into a pool when it’s above 90 degrees outside.  I have always been a long distance swimmer, but this is not a great way to get a good workout.  Instead, I find that doing short sprints really gets my heart rate up and makes my muscles work harder.

To tone my abs, I have turned to Cassey Ho from Blogilates on Youtube, who uploads short but effective workout videos about every week.  My favorites are “Call Me Maybe Squats” and the “Bikini Blaster” series.  Cassey’s videos are super motivational, and best of all, even though the workouts are hard, they are short, so I can push through, knowing that I only have 3 minutes left.

To keep motivated, I set goals for myself everyday.  For example, when I run, I try to run 3 miles under 25 minutes and every time I swim, I try to trim down my 100 m time.  I also like working out with a friend because we can push each other to work harder.

I hope these tips help you motivate yourself and push through tough workouts.  If you ever get bored of exercising, try switching up your routine, or if you need a quick exercise, check out Cassey to really kick your workout into gear.  Don’t forget to drink lots of water!

Me after a tough workout:

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