The Best and Worst of Waxing

I have been waxing my eyebrows and upper lip since I was 15/16 and I have definitely experienced the best and worst of it.  I have very short and straight eyebrows, so to make them look their best, I create a subtle arch and keep them on the fuller side.

I’m going to tell you guys the places that I recommend as well as tips and tricks to get your eyebrows looking their best.

Starting off with places that will make you smile every time you look in the mirror:

The first place, Benefit’s Brow Bar, is probably more accessible to people in the U.S.  You can usually find these brow bars at your local Macy’s or Ulta store.  The reason I go back to Benefit’s Brow Bar time and again is because they always ask you what you want your brows to look like and then show you how they are going to shape them.  Not only does this step ensure that your brows won’t end up too thin, but it also allows you to see how you can maintain a polished brow when hairs start to grow in.  Afterwards, they will cover up any redness and freshen up your makeup.  Since I have naturally full brows with no arch, they always do a great job of keeping them on the fuller side while also creating an arch.  (For location, services, and price details, click on the picture)

If you live in NYC consider yourself lucky, because one of my favorite brow bars, Boom Boom Brow, is located there.  The people that work there are brow whispers!  I went in with the bushiest eyebrows and the person that was working there just stood in front of me for 5 minutes looking at and brushing out my brows.  She then showed me where she would wax to get the most natural look.  She kept my eyebrows full but created the perfect arch.

The best part of my experience was when she taught me how to maintain my eyebrows and how to fill them in.  She told me to just use tweezers to pluck the hairs below the brow to maintain the arch.  She also told me not pluck hairs above my brow because it could ruin the shape of my natural brow. ((For location and price details, services, and price details, click on the picture)

Now moving on to my not so great experiences.

Some hair or nail salons also have waxing services, but from what I have experienced, they don’t all do a good job.  Sometimes they style your brows the way they think looks best and not the way that’s best for you. They won’t consult you; they just dive right in without even looking at what your brows naturally look like.

For my brows, I can generally get away with getting them done once a month and just maintain them by plucking them every other day or as the hairs begin to grow in.  As for my upper lip, I get it waxed just out of sheer convenience.  It’s normally just a few dollars extra, and it means that I don’t have to do it myself.

This leads up to the At-Home Waxing Kits:

Since my upper lip hair grows faster than my brow hair, it’s a little more difficult for me to maintain, so I decided to give at-home waxing a try.

After reading a lot of reviews, I decided to try the new Veet waxing strips for the face.

This box comes with 10 waxing strips, which you peel in half for two individual uses, so you end up getting 20 uses total.  To use these wax strips, you just rub the strips in between your hands until the wax is warm.  Then you just put them where you want to wax and pull them off like a band-aid.  I would not use these strips on my brows because the strips are quite long and don’t have a lot of flexibility, so I wouldn’t be able to get my desired look.  Also, I don’t feel confident enough to wax my own brows.  For the lips, however, I thought these strips would be great because there’s no need for shaping.

These strips were a little too harsh on my skin, as they actually tore off some of my skin.  I found that the wax didn’t warm up easily and it stayed very tacky.  They were also a little bit too long, so they were hard to angle on my lips.  They did, however, remove my hair.  Next time, I will probably cut the strips in half and get more uses out of them.

The second at-home waxing kit I tried was the Sally Hansen Simple Spa kit.  This kit came with a jar of wax, a heater, and some wooden popsicle sticks.  The kit’s selling point is that you don’t need waxing strips because the wax hardens on your face and you just pull it off.  In theory, this would have been great, but the heater did not heat up the wax.  I had to put the can of wax in the microwave and just use the heater to keep it from hardening.  This wax does harden extremely quickly, so once you get it on the popsicle stick, you have to work quickly.  It did remove the majority of my lip hair, but I did have to tweeze a few hairs.

Now for some tips and tricks for grooming your brow:

1.  For your eyebrows, make sure the person working on you knows what you want and ask them to show you where they are going to wax.  You know your face best, so tell them what you want your brows to look like.

2. Don’t get lazy with tweezing.  I know it’s easy to put off tweezing if you only have a couple hairs, but if you consistently tweeze whenever new hairs grow in, you can maintain your brow for a longer period of time.  This will save you money as you don’t have to get them done as often.

3.  Brush through your brows before tweezing.  This will ensure that you aren’t plucking a hair that is actually in the middle of your brow.  You don’t want any bald spots.

4.  Trim your brows.  Get a pair of angled scissors that are meant to cut hair (you can find them in the beauty section of any drugstore) and trim your brows when necessary.  This will facilitate tweezing because it will be easier to tell where the hair is growing from.

5. If you don’t trust other people to touch your brows, you can definitely learn how to groom your brows from this Youtube video.

At the end of the day, I will probably just go to the salon to get my brows and lips waxed because the at-home kits just didn’t work for me.  If any of you know of any good at-home wax kits, please comment below or e-mail me!

Stay Chic!

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