Revlon PhotoReady Cream Blush: Review and Swatches

Is it just me, or has Revlon really stepped up their game?  Over the years, I have accumulated quite a few Revlon products, but now they are just sitting around collecting dust.  Now, I’m using Revlon products almost everyday.  First it was their Revlon Lip Butters, then it was their Balm Stains, and now with their new Escapsim collection, I have a new favorite cream blush.

I had a really hard time finding these blushes.  I couldn’t find them at CVS, Walgreens, or Target.  My last resort was Ulta.  They fortunately had BOGO 50% off all Revlon products, so I got a really good deal.  These blushes come in three colors.  I only got Flushed and Coral Reef because Pinched was sold out.

Pinched (not pictured, a natural peach), Flushed (a hot pink), and Coral Reef (a bright coral/red)

At first glance, the packaging is very sleek and the cream blush is in a pot form.  These blushes are quite bright, so I was a little scared that that they would make me look like a clown, but they do sheer out.  The consistency is thin, so it can be blended out for people with fair complexion or built up for people with darker complexions.

From Left to Right: Flushed, Coral Reef

These products last up to 8 hours.  Skin does absorb cream blushes a lot faster, but these will give you a natural flush.  If you want these blushes to last longer, you can use them as a “base” for your powder blush.

These blushes are quite pricey for the drugstore.  They retail at $12.99, but a lot of drugstores have BOGO 50% off all Revlon products, just be on the lookout for those.

What blushes are you loving this summer?

Stay Chic!

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