Weekend Nails

I either had too much time this week or I was just procrastinating–probably the latter, but whatever the case, I decided to paint my nails.  Instead of painting them all one color, I decided to paint them half dark blue and half sky blue.  I really liked how my nails turned out because they were somewhat preppy/nautical-esque.

Here is the final product:

natural light

To achieve this look, all you need is two nail polish colors, a top coat, and some tape.  First, paint two coats of your first color.  I used Essie’s nail polish in “Bobbing for Baubles”.  Then put a top coat so the polish will dry faster.  This will also prevent the tape from chipping your polish.

Once your nails are dry, place small pieces of tape diagonally from the top left corner to the bottom right corner of each nail.  To make the tape a little less tacky, I taped it to my hand first.

Then use two/three coats your second polish to paint the top half of your nail.  I used Sephora by OPI’s “Havana Dreams.”  This polish is very sheer, so it took a couple coats.  Let the polish dry before removing the tape.  Then just finish the look with another layer of top coat and you are good to go.

Stay Chic!

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