Freshen Your Palette With Some Mint

I have been OBSESSED with mint lately -mint ice cream, mint lemonade, etc.  Needless to say, when I saw mint clothes pop up in every store I walked into, I was ecstatic!

Here are some of the things I love:

(photos from J.Crew)

I have coveted these mint-colored bottoms since they came out, but every time I go to the J. Crew store, they don’t have my size.  The shorts are actually on sale online right now (Find them here).

Mint is such a flattering color and with its wide range of shades, anyone can pull it off.  If you’ve got a summer glow, flaunt it!  Pale mint will make your tan stand out and a brighter mint will pop against your skin.  If you are rocking the pale look, have no fear, a pale mint will really complement your skin as it will look more casual and classic than trendy.  If you are daring and want to go the trendy route, pick up a brighter mint green piece and all eyes will be on you!

Mint is a versatile color for the spring and summer.  It acts as a great transition piece, especially if you are intimidated by bright colors.  Since color blocking is a big trend this summer, why not test the waters with a color that can act as a statement piece but can also be toned down with more neutral colors? You can color block it with some yellow and you’ll have an outfit that really stands out.  This outfit is perfect if you’re going out with friends or on a casual date and want to make an entrance wherever you go.  You can also mute it with some white or black, and you will have a look that is perfect for brunch with the family or lunch with the girls.  It’s subtle, yet it adds a twist of color to your outfit.

Mint is a trending color and personally, I don’t like spending a lot of money on trends.  If I know that I’m only going to wear certain clothes for a season or two, I will turn to Forever 21 or Asos for a cheaper alternative for the latest fashions.

1. Top – Anthropologie

2. Blouse – Anthropologie

3. Blouse – Asos

4. T-shirt – Forever 21

5. Dress – Forever 21

6. Asymmetrical Skirt – Forever 21

If you want a really subtle pop of color, focus on accessories:

A statement necklace like this mint and white one will instantly catch people’s attention.  This necklace is perfect for the summer and can be worn with a white summer dress or even a causal LBD.

Purse: Asos

Instead of carrying a traditional brown or black purse, toting a mint-colored purse can add a fresh twist to any outfit.

Belt: Asos

This patent leather mint belt will add a flair to any pair of white denim or summer dress.

You can even add mint into your makeup routine.  Add it to your inner corner, and it will not only give you a pop of color that fits right in with summer but also instantly brighten your eyes and make you look more awake.

Try this shade from Inglot (shade 24):

Since most of my wardrobe consists of dark and neutral colors, I’m trying to experiment with color this summer and really explore the latest trends.  I hope all of you become as obsessed with mint as I am!

Stay Chic!

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