Sun Savers

Do you want to know my number-one rule for summer? Wear sunscreen everyday.  The sun is not your friend! Yes, it will give you a nice tan, but it will also cause skin damage.

I get tan so easily, and sunscreen doesn’t prevent me from tanning.  I went swimming for 30 minutes and I came back with a swimsuit tan.  It was a little ridiculous.  Even though I tan so quickly, sunscreen still protects me from harmful UV rays.  Since I like to exercise outside, sunscreen is essential.

Aveeno can be found at your CVS, Walgreens, Target, or Ulta

Next, when I work out, I use Neutrogena’s Wet Skin Sunblock in SPF 45.  This sunscreen is great for swimming, sweat, and humidity.  Unlike the normal Neutrogena sunscreen, you can put this on and jump right into the pool.  This sunscreen will not drip off when you sweat or swim, so it provides continuous protection.

Neutrogena Products can be found at CVS, Walgreens, Target, or Ulta

If you want to protect your hair from the sun, try Redken’s Color Extend Sun Solar Screen in SPF 12.  Just spray this in your hair before getting into the sun and your hair will be protected.

Redken can be found at some drugstores, Target, or Ulta

To remind myself to wear sunscreen everyday, I put them right above my makeup drawer  in my bathroom.  I have not missed a day yet!  Anyways, I hope you guys are all enjoying your summer and soaking up the sun, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen!

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