Deal of the Day

Thanks to one of my favorite beauty gurus on Youtube, emilynoel83 (check her out here), I found out that Big Lots was selling Philosophy makeup for only $3!  If you don’t know what Philosophy is, it is a high-end makeup brand that typically sells for $15-$30.

I literally ran to my car and drove to the nearest Big Lots, praying they hadn’t sold out.  When I got there, I could not find the products for the life of me. I went to the makeup section and found nothing, but I was determined.  After searching for ten minutes, I saw the stand.  Needless to say, I freaked out.

I picked up a liquid highlighter, a creme blush, and an eye shadow duo.

I think this highlighter is perfect if you want to brighten up your skin and look more awake.  If you just dab a little on your cheekbone, it will really catch the natural light and make you look extra dewy and fresh.  It also has a light scent that smells like the perfume from this line.  I apologize in advance for the poor swatch; it absorbed really quickly into my skin.  After I blended the highlighter onto my skin, it left a light, shimmery pink glow that looked gorgeous.

I am a big fan of creme blushes for the summer.  They last longer and look more natural in the sun.  This blush is a peachy pink shade and it’s matte. It is VERY sheer, so it’s perfect if you have a pale skin tone–it will really give you a nice flush of color.  If you are on the tanner side, you can build up the color, and since it’s matte, it won’t look overdone.

The eyeshadow duo is in the colors “Heaven” and “Earth.”  The lighter shade, “Heaven,” is a light, shimmery champagne color.  It is very smooth and silky, and has very good pigmentation.  The darker shade, “Earth,” is a medium shimmery brown.  It’s a little bit more grainy, but it still has pretty good pigmentation.  This duo can be used as an everyday natural smokey eye.

The packaging overall for these products is really nice.  It is sleek, compact, and very simple.

Here are the swatches:

If you want to try some high-end makeup at a great price, I would head to a Big Lots and check out their selection of Philosophy makeup.  Enjoy!

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