Best Friend Brownies

The second day of my birthday week, my BF surprised me with delicious baked goods from my BFF Taylor, who is at culinary school aspiring to be a pastry chef, so these baked goods were out of this world! Check her latest concoctions here. They will make you drool; I promise.

My two favorite things about birthdays are friends and cake/pie/cookies.  Birthdays remind me of my 4 best friends from college in Massachusetts.  We would decorate each others dorm room door with wrapping paper and balloons, and best of all, eat lots of desserts.  There was a local farm called Taft Farms near my school that had the most delicious raspberry pies.  I’ve never been much of a pie fan, but Taft Farms’ freshly baked raspberry pie made me an addict (I’m telling you, midnight rendezvouses with my suitmate to secretly eat raspberry pie addict).

My most memorable birthday was last year when my best friends and I got two raspberry pies for my birthday and ate both of them in one sitting.  The pies were still warm out of the oven and the faces we made when we took  our first bite were priceless. I miss all you so much, and this birthday will definitely not be the same without you guys. Love you!

Thanks again Taylor for the delicious treats!

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